Digital Pictures made up of letters and Numbers

Computers and cellular telephones created a new method of creating digital artworks and cool images. This time, it is not the use of complex photo editing software such as Photoshop; instead by just simply using your keyboard and tons of patience (though they might look very simple) you can create amazing artworks in which modern cameras failed to produce. These digital pictures made up of printable characters found on your computer keyboard are called ASCII art.

Making ASCII Art

The key in creating your ASCII art as mentioned are the printable characters found on your keyboard: letters, numbers and other special characters that can be displayed on your display monitor. Altogether, these character set is called the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code. There are 128 ASCII characters, 95 of them are printable. This means that you have 96 different characters to choose from in creating your ASCII art.

Using the ASCII character codes, you can create wide variety of ASCII art; from simple images like human stick, flowers, and flags, to more complex digital pictures such as romantic affair, kangaroo and more. Creating your ASCII artwork is a very cumbersome task. It needs tons of patience and bags of effort to finish even the simplest of digital ASCII art. For those who loves the beauty of digital ASCII art, but don’t have enough patience to get into the details, then ASCII art software is the right tool for you. They are very to use, just install the software then follow simple instructions. Creating your ASCII art is just a matter of seconds.

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